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Free Historical Sewing Tips
Back to the Basics
by Jennifer Rosbrugh

  1. Get organized! Arrange/gather all your supplies for your current project. This includes all fabrics, interlinings, trims and notions such as piping cord, thread, hooks and eyes, boning. Organization is the key to achieving your goal.

  2. Grainlines –The grain is the lengthwise weave of fabric. The grainline runs parallel to the selvedge (factory finished edge) of the fabric. Cutting patterns on the straight of grain is crucial for a garment to hang correctly on the body.

    Remember to measure EVERY pattern piece’s grainline marking to the selvedge/fold before cutting your fabric.

    When making piping, cut only on the true bias (45°). Do not cheat and cut on the straight or on a slight bias. It will not look good.

  3. DO NOT ever sew over pins. This will quickly dull your machine needle and weaken your pins. Also, the risk of eye injury increases greatly. Why risk losing your sight for a costume?

  4. Review ALL sewing instructions BEFORE beginning a project (you may even have to rewrite them yourself).On a road trip it’s important to know how to get to your destination. Read over your map and brush up on those techniques you need so when you get to that step your work will turn out beautifully.

  5. The Basic Thread Set: black, white, cream, navy. You can sew most anything with these colors. If you want to expand, add a basic red, medium yellow and forest green. When in doubt on thread color – choose a darker hue than your fabric.

And there they are…some basics to get you on the way to becoming that master dressmaker.

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