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"I just want to say how much I like your Cloak and Corset e-zine. You obviously do a lot of work to find and share the information we costume junkies love. Thanks so much for doing the research and sharing the information.

I appreciate you!"
- Jody R.
- San Diego, CA

"The Corset videos are well done and the information clear and detailed. I have made two in the last three years and the information you have provided will insure a beautiful and more professional looking third corset. BRAVO!"
- Deborah T.
- Tipp City, OH

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful site/forum/ezine- whatever you wish to call it. (I call it my very own happy place!)"
- Katy
- Florida

"As someone who has done my share of technical writing I appreciate the well-written instructions created by Cloak and Corset. I've been sewing for more than 40 years and I love it when I don't have to figure out a missing step (this, I have found, is common in instructions provided by small business enterprises)."
- Joy Flasher
- La Mirada, CA

"As a new historic interpreter who enjoys making costumes, I love your site. Thanks for your work."
- Leah N.

"I just bought and downloaded the special eBooklet on Flatlining. I am very,very happy with this information! I am beginning a project that I want to make as perfectly as possible and this is definately going to help. You are both awesome and so is your site! Thank you for giving us all this wonderful resource! Bright Blessings."
- Tonya Clevenger

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"I would love a copy [of the eZine]- been waiting (im)patiently for the newsletters to start...I have been very impressed with how the language speaks to us a actual humans & not some cyborg trying to interpret the patterns. I thank you. I just finished a dress using flat lining, but would like to compare to make sure I did it correctly. I am excited to get the [eZine] copy and look forward to reading it."
- Lori Lewis
- Civil War Reenactor

"Thank you so much for your wonderful website and being so willing to share what you and Jennifer know. I, with the grace of God, taught myself to sew and love to learn all I can from those who know a lot more than me."
- Emily M.

"Thanks for such an exciting on-line magazine. I always look forward to each morsel and tidbit you send us."
- Lizz W.

"I just bought your Modern Sewing Techniques eBook; it's great! It is a very great compendium of sewing techniques."
- Morgan W.

"Thanks for all the great info!!!"
- Lisa N.

"Everything I have received has been truly a help to me as I finish my first chemise la reine for a historic re-enactment battle, I will be attending in two months."
- Sherri S.

"Thank you so very much, I've never seen a web site like yours!! You have a true teacher's heart - wonderful!! At any rate, I read your free report and look forward to seeing the eBook when it becomes available for sale. Thanks again for the tips and help."
- Megan McCrory

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