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Abraham's Lady
Supplier of Civil War era clothing and accessories.

Jennifer: They supplied some accessories for my new Widow's ensemble. Very pleasant and quick shipping.

Acme Notions
A large variety of vintage, modern and unique sewing notions.

Check out their basic hat pins!

Antique Dress
Sells original antique and vintage clothing from the 1800s to the present.

Antique Lace & Fashion
Sells antique costumes for men, women, and children, women's undergarments, accessories, lace, trims, and more.

Austentation: Regency Accessories
Offers a boutique of Regency and Jane Austen related headwwear, patterns and accessories as well as research pages on a variety of Regency topics.

Blockade Runner
Civil War sutler with a catalog for both Men and Women. Ready-made clothing, uniforms, military gear, shoes & boots, headwear, accessories, jewelry and books.

Burnley & Trowbridge
Providing an assortment of Fabrics, Notions, Patterns, Research Books, Shoes and Accessories. Specializing in 17th, 18th and early 19th Century.

Online ordering but also offer a print catalog. Carry JP Ryan and Mill Farm patterns for Men, Women and Children. Their workshops bring in rave reviews.

Button Shoppe
Online catalog of thousands of beautiful and unusual buttons, closures and charms from around the world.

You're sure to find something here.

Calontir Trim
From the website: Stocks a wide variety of fabric trims, from simple cotton weaves, to elaborate byzantine borders

Katy H. recommends: I have been sewing and re-enacting for many years now, and wanted you to know about Calontir Trim. Steve Boyd owns Calontir Trim, and he is just fantastic. The selection is mind boggling, the service impeccable, and the speed/accurracy of the orders is unmatched.

Dharma Trading Co.
Textile craft supplies and basic fabrics such as cottons, silk, linen, rayon, hemp, and BAMBOO. Extensive supplies for fabric dyeing and painting.

Doll Artist's Workshop - Trim
Retailer of all sorts of supplies for doll making crafts.

Bridget B. recommends: their small trims are perfect for 18th Century costumes.

Dutch Quilts (Fabrics)
This site presents cotton chintzes, a quilting fabric based on antique Dutch manuscripts that we have designed and printed in The Netherlands.

If you have a large fabric budget, looking for a truly accurate cotton, or just want to do some research on fabric patterns, this is the place to go when working on 18th Century clothing.

Eras of Elegance
Online store with goodies related to romantic and historical living. Also offers extensive research tabs on History, Fashion, Arts, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Travel.

Sells similar items as seen in Victorian Trading Co. catalogs. Check out their period receipes in the Lifestyle tab.

Fabric Guru
Over 14,000 discount fabrics online! Discount drapery fabric and upholstery fabric from the worlds top fabric designers. Hundreds of new fabrics every week!

Nancy S. says: Wonderful, inexpensive, ships fast, top quality!

Farmhouse Fabrics
Online Sewing Supply Store that carries fabrics, buttons, beads, charms, lace, trims, ribbon, linens, patterns, notions, magazines, books, and others.

Good items for heirloom sewing. They carry designer fabrics, Swiss fabrics, dimity, lawn, batiste, linen, organdy and much more.

Gentleman's Emporium
Online retailer of ready-made men's and women's 19th C. costumes and accessories.

Great selection of men's hats and timepieces. Stay away from the ladies' hats as they are very "costume-y".

Golden Silks
Carries all kinds of silks: brocade, chiffon, raw silks, charmeuse, dupioni, crepe, habotai, organza, velvet, taffeta, jacquard, satin, and more.

Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild - Pattern Reviews
Extensive pattern reviews of the various historical patterns available. Reviews submitted by costumers to the GBACG for posting.

Hats by Leko
Online Store for Hats, Hat Making Supplies, Millinery Supplies, and Hat Trims.

Hedgehog Handworks
Carries hard-to-find needlwork and costumes for needleworkers, costumers, and historical reenactors.

Jennifer's Experience: SUPERB SERVICE! Joady deservs a PhD in Customer Service. Wonderful to deal with and located in So. California.

James Country Mercantile
James Country Mercantile is one of the largest sutleries in existence, offering a full line of historically accurate goods, custom sewing, research, consultation, and associated services.

Carries a variety of ready-made clothing for men, women and children, military uniforms and equipment, headwear, ladies accessories, and books as well as several historical sewing pattern lines including Period Impressions and State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

Jas. Townsend & Son
Mail order company that supplies 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history. They specialize in Historic Clothing, Camp Gear, Tents, Books, Music, Knives, Tomahawks, Oak kegs and other assorted good for people or organizations reenacting the periods from 1750 to 1840.

Sara has purchased from this site and received great items quickly. Great experience from them. Would buy from them again.

Jennifer's Experience: Fabulous site and catalog and great customer service! Their men's top hat is great quality and price. I order many reenacting goods from them, including stockings. For cold camp nights, try the Ladies Country Cap or the Stocking Cap.

JoAnn Fabrics
Great place to shop in-store or online for all your miscellaneous sewing needs.

Sara: This is the main fabric store I use regularly. Between their sales and coupons, you can get pretty good deals. You can sign up for their Free newsletter in-store and online and receive lots of coupons - many are 40% off coupons. Make sure to sign up for both the snail-mail and online newsletters as they each come out with different coupons.

Judith M - Millinery Supplies
Extensive offering of millinery supplies, including notions, wire, kits, hat blocks, hat blanks and wool felt, straw, fabric, books, videos and patterns. Also on-going workshops.

Just Two Tailors - 18th C.
Online store offering 18th Century ready-made men's and women's clothing, Highlander and Regimental garments, accessories and hats.

Fabulous resource for straw hats and bonnets. Jennifer purchased the high-brim straw bonnet for her Widow project.

Lace Heaven
Retail and Wholesale supplies: lace, notions, buttons, ribbons, fringe. A huge offering of trims including wide laces.

Laughing Moon Patterns
Online and store front business offering authentic period sewing patterns for Western, Civil War, Edwardian and Victorian wear. Also costume accessories, supplies and a corset making video.

JoAnn's (the owner) Victorian corset pattern is one of the most highly rated corset patterns in the historical clothing industry. Carries hard-to-find safety buckles for vests, belts and hoop waistbands.

Jennifer: I've made the California Pants twice and they went together beautifully.

Little Bits
An Etsy store offering custom-made authentic historical garments from the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Lost Coast Historical Patterns
Online store that carries many costume patterns from Medieval through 20th Century. Also costume and corset supplies, books and accessories.

M&J Trimming
Trims, Trims, Trims! From ribbons to sequins to buttons and flowers, cording, fringe, even lace and appliques, M&J has quite the selection.

Check out their silk, velvet and jacquard ribbons.

Margo Anderson's Costume Patterns
Detailed Elizabethan period costume patterns.

Fabulous. Each pattern is chock-full of information.

Mediaeval Miscellanea
Full-size sewing patterns for 650 - 1650 A.D. clothing and accessories.

Miller's Millinery
Offers PORTFOLIO PATTERNS™ specializing in historically accurate 18th and 19th century head wear and clothing accessories. Original items have been carefully studied to draft each illustrated pattern. Construction techniques follow original methods.

A large variety of terrific finished bonnets and hats, patterns, straw forms, basic millinery supplies and accessories. Highly recommended.

Originals by Kay
Large online store offering 19th Century ready-made women's clothing, corsets and accessories, men's clothing, children's clothing, 19th C. appropriate fabrics, patterns and a several antique items. Also a Mourning Section.

Her selection of period correct fabrics is extensive and features silks, wools and cottons including sheer fabrics. Offers ready-made cage crinolines for women AND children/teens.

Past Patterns
Accurate Federal, Jacksonian, Civil War, Gilded Age, Edwardian and WWI up to WWII Clothing Patterns for Men, Women and Children. Past Patterns has manufactured historical clothing patterns and sold them through the mail since 1979.

A variety of good patterns for several eras many taken from original garments. She will also include historical notes in each pattern.

Payless Fabric
Online fabric retailer

Bridget B. recommends: Carries hard-to-find polished cotton, moire and faille.

Renaissance Fabrics
Good quality books, buttons, fabrics, patterns, and trims at reasonable prices.

Jennifer's Experience: Great wools and linens. Mr. Rosbrugh's green wool Regency tailcoat was from here. (See Photos Page to see this tailcoat from the Jane Austen Evening.)

Reproduction Fabrics
Online mail-order source of cotton reproduction fabrics for costumers and quilters. Fabrics of time periods 1775-1950, as well as indigo-dyed prints.

Fabric selections are broken down into categories listed by eras (e.g. 1775-1825 and Civil War era 1850-1880). Fabric designs are fully researched for accuracy.

Robert Land Footwear
Custom and in-stock period footwear from 18th C. boots to Victorian dance slippers.

Sense & Sensibility Patterns
Online store selling sewing patterns for women and children from Regency through early 20th Century.

Jennifer: I've been following Jennie's site since 1998 and can highly recommend her patterns. She has a newsletter and offers great sewing tips and tutorials for her own pattern line. Her newest offering is ePatterns in PDF format.

(See below for some of the available ePatterns.)

Sew True
General sewing supplies for home and commercial use.

Sewing Academy - Historic Moments Patterns
Elizabeth Stewart Clark's site for reenacting articles and children's patterns for the Crinoline Era 1840s-60s.

Jennifer: Gracious and knowledgeable Liz is a fellow costumer and expert on early Victorian clothing and reenacting.

Silly Sisters
Online store and catalog specializing in 18th century reproduction women's clothing.

FABULOUS! Highly recommended by Sally Queen, expert authority on 18th Century clothing. Wide variety of ready-made and custom 18th C. garments, accessories, patterns and supplies.

Sock Dreams
Store front and Online business selling every kind of sock you can imagine and other accessories too.

For historical dressing try their knee highs and wool socks.

The Lace Parasol Place
Carries a large selection of cotton and lace parasols.

For when you need that hot pink parasol.

The Pemberley Shoppe
General Cafe Press store but with all things Jane Austen: clothing, mugs, bags, books, misc.

Jennifer: My favorite mug is: "I married my Mr. Darcy". It's such a conversation starter. And on my car is "My other car is a barouche". Such fun items and gifts found here.

Timely Tresses
Historic Millinery from the Regency through Civil War Eras. Original patterns based on extant bonnets and antique fashion plates are offered.

In addition to offering finished bonnets, patterns and kits, you can purchase millinery ribbon and trims, fashion plates, CDs of fashion plates, and books. Well researched items.

Truly Victorian - patterns
Costume patterns from the 1840's to the 1890's. Specializing in the Bustle Era.

Wonderful set of basic women's patterns for Victorian dress. Heather has created a line of easy-to-sew patterns that, when fitted according to the instructions, provide a blank canvas to decorate as only a Victorian lady would. Tell Heather we sent you!

Vintage & Vogue
Over 8000! reproduction cotton quilting fabrics, quilting books and patterns, notions and kits.

Make sure to check out their Colonial Williamsburg fabric collection for accurate 18th C. prints and the Sturbridge Village Calicos for 19th C. cottons.

Wooded Hamlet
Owned by Needle & Thread. Excellent company with natural fiber materials.

They were very accommodating in quickly shipping me the organdy needed for the 1876 Evening Gown project.

Demode's Real Women's Clothing Directory
Directory of photographs of extant women's clothing from the mid-18th c. through the edwardian era in museums around the world. (1600 - 1919)

Kendra's Fantastic index to links of existing historical clothing. Many thanks go out to her for taking the time over the years to compile this list. I've used it many times.

Genteel Arts Academy
Specializes in Civil War era sewing lectures and workshops as well as an annual conference.

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion
All things related to Regency fashion as well as her personal dress diaries.

Where to go to start your Regency research!

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.

The Daguerreian Society
The Daguerreian Society brings together people from all over the world who are united by a common interest in the history of photography. Our members include students and teachers... museum curators and scientists... collectors and dealers... historians, photographers and artists.

View online and in their newsletter lots of 19th Century photographs. Good primary sources for fashion research.

The Roaring Twenties: The 1920s in History
A historical snapshot of life in the 1920s. The information, taken largely from books and periodicals of the period, captures how life was in the U.S.A and the World during the 1920's - a time that is often referred to as the "Roaring Twenties" - a boisterous period characterized by rapidly changing lifestyles, financial excesses, and the fast pace of technological progress

Everything you'd want to know about life in the 1920s!

Whitaker - Augusta Auction Co.
North America's Only Auction House Specializing in Fashion and Textiles

Wonderful site that offers catalogs of current and past auctions (very valuable for research) and extensive photo galleries. Be sure to check out the Tasha Tudor Auction photos and catalog. Fabulous!

Historical Citizens Association
HCA is a non-profit group with a mission of helping others who are interested in participating in living history events and historical sewing endeavors.

This is a great site to help you get into reenacting and to connect with other reenactors. Jennifer is on the board and Sara is an honorary member. If you are ever in the area for one of the events they attend, make sure to stop by Oak Street; they are a very lively, fun group and will help propel you into the world of Living History!

Jane Austen Centre in Bath, UK
Much more than information about the Jane Austen Centre, this website features an online Jane Austen magazine with over 500 articles, a giftshop, information about the Jane Austen Festival, Regency tea rooms, walking tours, Jane Austen's Regency World magazine, an online quiz plus a comprehensive list of research relevant Jane Austen related links-we even have a monthly E-newsletter which will keep you up to date with the world of Jane Austen.

Their Jane Austen Magazine is worth the foreign exchange price. The Centre holds the annual Jane Austen Festival each year in September.

Lively Arts History Association
This website exists to spread the word about historical events and vintage dance in Southern California. With some exceptions, if it involves putting on a historical costume I will list it on the calendar. (from site)

Info on the Social Daunce Irregulars balls and the Jane Austen Evening as well as many other dances and happenings in the So. Cal area.

Living History Worldwide
A place to connect with a community of other reenactors from around the world and from any time period.

Jennifer and Sara are recent members of this site and are still discovering what it has to offer.

Sewing Academy @ Home
Board on Elizabeth Stewart Clark's sewing site.

The Civil War Reenactors
One of the first Civil War forums on the web. The Forum contains all sorts of discussions related to Civil War reenacting.

The Republic of Pemberley
For the Totally Obsessed with Jane Austen and everything related to her, her novels, and movie adaptations of her novels. Start in the Newbie Orientation to get started in this site.

Truly Victorian Bulletin Board
Several categories where you can ask all sort of costuming questions in a helpful and learning environment.

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