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Quick & Easy Undersleeves

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10 Simple and Easy Steps to Create Your Own Elegant Touch to Your Mid-Victorian Bodice

Quick, Easy, & Beautiful Undersleeves

Here's a great way to make your Victorian dresses last longer and stay fashionable: Simply add a pair of undersleeves to your bodice to complete and enchance your ensemble.

In this Mini-Report:
  • You'll learn what are the best fabrics to use for undersleeves

  • You'll receive instructions on how to cut your fabric for a great pattern

  • You'll gain directions on exactly how to sew quick and easy undersleeves

  • You'll see examples to inspire your own creation, including many samples of proper embroidery from periodicals seen in the mid to late 1800s.

With these easy to follow instructions, you'll be on your way in no time to a pair of your own undersleeves that will fill out your bodice sleeves and complete any existing or new mid-Victorian outfit in your closet.

These undersleeves are easy to make, easy to clean, and easy to replace. They make for a great embroidery piece to work on while sitting in your parlour or at a reenactment and are a perfect birthday, Christmas, or anytime gift to a fellow reenactor as they are inexpensive and easy to make, yet very elegant to wear.

Beautiful undersleeves don't need to make you crazy. Start with a simple, quick and easy undersleeve and add your own creative touch. The undersleeve is a basic shape. Your imagination will make it personal to match your character or costume.

This MIni-Report is filled with instructions and lots of pictures from fashion plates that will give you all the ideas you need to make a very fashionable, yet easy, pair of undersleeves for any of your mid-Victorian ensembles.

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$9.95 USD

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