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Plackets - The Secret to Supportive Closures

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Learn how to create those wonderfully hidden plackets to tell the world that you have great sewing skills.

In this new eBooklet, you'll learn exactly how to make invisible plackets for your bodices, skirts, and shirts. Jennifer shares step by step instructions and includes lots of pictures to show you what historical and reproduction plackets look like, what eras to use them with, the purpose behind the placket, and much more.

Ever wonder how women got their hands through those tight-fitting sleeves with an opening that fits snugly around their wrist? A placket was most likely used. With this eBooklet, you will learn how to make those plackets and many more.

In this eBooklet, you will see pictures of both reproduction and antique garments, describing what a placket closure is, how it's constructed and the types of fastenings you can apply to plackets.

The eBooklet is broken down into three types of plackets:

  1. Bodice (both front and back openings with eyelets and hook/eye sets)

  2. Skirt plackets (both straight and bias cut, where and how to set them in, and working with various waist treatments)

  3. Sleeve plackets for all long, tightly-fitted sleeves. Pattern measurements are given for each type of placket as well as the method of applying each placket to the garment.

Hook & eye/bar/loop sets are covered with brief mention of hook & eye tape. (Need more detailed information on Applying Hook & Eye Tape? Check out the new Workbook.)

If you are needing sewing help on finishing your garments with placket closures, then pick up your copy of this eBooklet today. If it is not what you are looking for or you simply don't find it useful, remember there is a 60-day money back guarantee on all our Learning Tools (see details below).

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$9.95 USD

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