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Your Sewing Basics For Successful Beginning Sewing, Costuming, & More eBook

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Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing and wondered how it was made?

Have you ever wished
you could make it but
didn't know how?

Have you ever felt slightly inadequate because you were never taught how to sew?

Well, you're not alone. Many express how they wish they knew how or "if only, then I could..."

But stop wishing and start building your sewing basics foundation!

Once you do, imagine...
  • Feeling well-informed on purchasing a sewing machine

  • Mastering the set-up of your machine

  • Gaining confidence in your new sewing skills and abilities, because now you actually can!

  • Understanding what you really need and don't need to be successful

  • Knowing how to take proper measurements, pick out patterns based on your size, and be able to understand sewing instructions

  • Feeling in the loop because you too now know what all those sewing terms mean

  • Saving money by knowing the tips and tricks of the trade

  • Impressing those around you with your newly found talents

And all because you know the very basics to sewing.

You would think with today's technology and all the available, overflowing information on just about everything, including sewing, you would not have this struggle. But that's not so.

The information is commonly not clear, concise, nor easy to understand. And worst of all, there's a lack of detailed pictures to show you exactly what you need to do.

And for many, this is so overwhelming that you keep delaying the start of your sewing adventure because 1) you don't know where to begin and 2) you don't have all the right, detailed information available at your fingertips.

With so much information written for people who already have a basic sewing foundation, you easily get lost, feel like throwing up your hands in defeat, and sit there wondering where you went wrong.

But it's not your fault. This is common in the sewing world.

Even experienced pros at times have to contemplate exactly what the next step is because the information can be so perplexing.

From confusing pattern details and instructions, to sewing machines with a million knobs and dials, to various types of fabric and thread, there is no one manual that teaches it all in a detailed, easy-to-understand way - exactly how it needs to be taught.

No wonder it's so difficult for someone who's just starting out!

Fortunately, you have help...

Now there is a manual that tells you everything you need to know to get started.

You can learn from someone who started out right where you are. You can gain valuable, and needed, tips and tricks from someone who has already experienced triumphs and tribulations in their sewing.

You will receive all the information you need to know to start sewing, whether it's historical costumes or modern day clothes, from one simplified source, Your Sewing Basics For Successful Beginning Sewing, Costuming and Beyond eBook.

Maybe you've never touched a sewing machine before or maybe you know some basics. Regardless, after going through this manual, you will know the ins and outs and be well on your way to making your first stitches and your first garment!

Throughout the 170 pages and 195+ pictures, you will be walked through, step-by-step, all the beginning skills of sewing: from picking out a sewing machine, to the different parts of a sewing machine, to how to use your machine and make those first stitches, to the basic sewing tools you need, to measurement taking, to patterns, fabrics, and more.

Not only will you collect great, practical information, you will also receive fill-in charts and sewing practice sheets. This manual is your interactive guide to beginning sewing!

Take what I have learned and apply it to your own sewing to propel your knowledge and skills faster than you could have imagined.

Everything is laid out at your fingertips with numbered instructions and numerous colored pictures. You will have no trouble following along with and using this manual. (Even my husband, who does not machine sew, said he could easily follow the instructions and pictures.)

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Here are some of the Benefits of this eBook:

  • You will get detailed instructions on exactly how to research and buy the perfect sewing machine that fits your needs and budget.

  • You will have How-To Instructions at your finger tips to refer back to again and again.

  • You will receive helpful Hints, Tips, and Tricks - all clearly marked throughout each chapter.

  • These 170 pages of information are meticulously organized for easy reference and allow you to quickly find the section you are looking for.

  • You will finally know where to begin when it comes to the "daunting" task of learning how to sew (and after you read this, it won't seem daunting anymore).

We want you to feel a sense of accomplishment in your new sewing adventure by building your foundation today!

And Here is a Complete List of What's Included (taken straight from the Table of Contents):

Sewing Machines

  • Selecting Your Machine

  • Parts of a Sewing Machine

Sewing Tools

  • Main Equipment

  • Cutting Utensils

  • Machine Tools

  • Hand Tools

  • Measuring Tools

  • Marking Tools

  • Pattern Tools

  • Miscellaneous Tools

Getting Started

  • Setting Up your machine

  • Threading Your Machine

  • Threading Your Bobbin

  • Inserting Your Front-Loading Bobbin

How to Machine Sew

  • Straight Seams

  • Pressing Seams

  • Sewing Angles and Corners

  • Sewing Curves

  • Tension Adjustment

  • Practice Sewing Sheets


  • Where to Find Patterns

  • Reading a Pattern

    • Choosing Your Size (Measurements)

    • Fabric, Notions, and More

  • Reading Pattern Pieces

    • Pattern Lines

    • Seam Allowance

    • Pattern Piece Details

  • Reading the Sewing Instructions

  • Pattern Preservation

    • Importance of Preserving Your Original Patterns

    • How to Copy Your Patterns

  • Cutting Out Pattern Pieces


  • What is a Mock-Up and Why Do I Need One?

  • Making Your Mock-Up

Fabric Info

  • Common Fabric Terms

  • How to Choose the Right Fabric

  • Interfacing, Underlining, and Lining

  • Pre-Treating Fabric

But we don't want you to ONLY get all that information, we also want to give you more for nothing!

When you buy this eBook, you will get everything promised above PLUS 1 great bonus.

Your Free Bonus!!!!

Helpful Sewing Terms
This Glossary of common sewing terms is perfect to help you learn the terminology that goes hand-in-hand with sewing.

So you will receive a complete package with the eBook and the bonus.

You need to be well-equipped with the tools and skills to be successful at this craft and we are here to help you.

Although produced by Cloak & Corset, this manual is not specific to Historical Costuming instructions. However, it does use historical costuming-related examples. If you want to delve into the world of Historical Clothing Construction, these examples along with the other basic information in this eBook will also increase your knowledge and jump-start your learning.

If you've never sewn before or have very little experience with a sewing machine, this manual is for you. You will receive tons of pictures to guide you along the way and step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do.

With this information, easy to follow instructions, pictures, and interactive sections, you will quickly sew your first seam bringing you closer to sewing that drool-worthy garment.

No matter what you want to start sewing, this is your guide for the perfect foundation for Your Sewing Basics.

So don't delay and jump right in by picking up your copy and starting your new Sewing Adventure now!

Pick up your copy of Your Sewing Basics For Successful Beginning Sewing, Costuming, and Beyond today! You will soon be on your way to sewing those first stitches with ease.

Plus, remember, you can buy this eBook now and have a full 60 days to try it out risk-free.

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You will get all of the above PLUS the Great Bonus for only $34.95 USD.

Pick up your copy right now to jump start and expand your sewing learning, techniques, and skills!

$34.95 USD

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Happy Sewing!

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