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Modern Sewing Techniques for Historical Clothing Construction - 2nd Edition eBook

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Do you struggle with
period sewing methods?

Are your historical garments
not what you want them to be?

Then you need to include modern techniques in your sewing to accomplish your historical wardrobe.

Why struggle to complete a historical ensemble simply because you don't have period sewing manuals?

To not struggle, you must learn good techniques.

Once you do, imagine...
  • Feeling more accomplished with your next historical costume

  • Gaining confidence in your sewing skills and abilities

  • Making historically correct, professional-looking clothing that doesn't look like cheap costumes

  • Grabbing the attention of everyone with your attention to the little details that make a huge difference

  • Propelling you to that level of Master Dressmaker faster than you ever could have imagined or done on your own.

And all because you incorporated modern sewing techniques into your historical clothing construction.

Make historical clothes the old-fashioned way - by using modern techniques!

It can be very difficult, especially as a newbie, to suddenly jump into the world of historical costuming. It can even be down-right intimidating. (I've been there!)

And for many, it is so overwhelming that you just don't start anything because 1) you don't know where to begin and 2) you don't possess the "insider's" know-how on how to sew historical clothing.

  • You may not know the difference between a cartridge pleat and a knife pleat.

  • You may not know the difference a whipstitch and a slipstitch.

  • You may not know the little finishing touches that complete an ensemble, like piping, ruches, and ribbon pleating.

  • You may not know the correct fabric to use with a particular garment or time period.

  • You may not know how to get the correct silhouette.

Or maybe you do know all of the above but you don't know the right way to actually execute the knowledge you have or how modern skills can be applied to them.

Or maybe you're in that small percentage that does know what everything is and exactly how to do it all but you are looking for those finishing touches to make your garments stand out that much more and have that professional, Master Dressmaker, non-costume"y" look to them.

Do you fall into any of these categories?


Then keep reading!

Regardless of what category you fall into, you absolutely need a good foundation of knowledge.

A foundation that can only be gained from lots and lots and lots of reading, sewing, ripping out, re-sewing, and living in the pieces you've sewn.

Or, you can gain it from someone who's "been there, done that."

Wouldn't it be easier and save you time to not have to reinvent the wheel trying to figure out how the best techniques to make that 18th Century Bodice or how to make a straw 1860s bonnet from scratch? Or what fabric to use with different eras and pieces? Or how to do those amazing finishing techniques that make each garment look professionally made? Or how to get your garment to fit you perfectly?

You need a guide written by someone who knows the in's and out's of historical costuming, filled with easy-to-understand instructions (unlike the ones that come with your patterns!), new patters for simple, but elegant Accessories, helpful tips & hints, and pictures...loads of beautiful, color pictures that show you everything, as if the garment was right in front of you.

But where do you find that person to mooch off their many years of historical costuming experience, knowledge, and insider's know-how?

Right Here!

Jennifer has compiled all her historical clothing construction, experience, knowledge, and know-how into an easy-to-read, understand, and see manual called an eBook.

This manual is here to teach you and to show you exactly how to incorporate modern sewing techniques in historical clothing construction, no matter what stage you're at. It's based tons of reading, reasearching, and experiencing historical costuming. She has spent countless hours learning the walk and living the talk and now we want to share it all with you!

The foundation of this eBook is taken from a course that Jennifer has taught over the years at Costume College® in Los Angeles, California. This class has been so popular that she has been asked year after year to teach it again.

Students who have taken the class and received the handout from it are amazed at the content and, even though they have progressed in their sewing skills from when they first took the class, continue to refer back to the information in the handout again and again to remind them of the right and best way to sew these historical costumes.

But that handout is only a handout without many pictures and not nearly enough details.

So now, after many years of working- and learning-in-the-making, Jennifer has put together over 340+ pages of her knowledge with over 270 pictures, 3 NEW Accessory patterns with instructions, and updated & revised chapters in her 2nd Edition of this eBook!

And this 2nd Edition is now available to you as your comprehensive manual to aid you in your historical clothing construction.

Not sure if this really is that detailed and informative?

Well, take a look for yourself. Here's a sample taken directly from
Chapter 1: Hand Stitches:

For more on hand stitches and other sewing techniques, pick up your copy of the Modern Sewing Techniques for Historical Clothing Construction eBook.

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And that was only one part of Chapter 1...just imagine what the rest holds in store for you, your eyes, and those sewing hands of yours.

Here are some of the Benefits of this eBook:

  • You will get detailed instructions on exactly how to perform different sewing techniques to get the look you desire.

  • You will gain information on how you can take your current sewing level to the next, no matter if you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level - there is something for everyone to learn, including you.

  • You will have How-To Instructions at your finger tips to refer back to again and again.

  • These 340+ pages of information are painstakingly organized for easy reference and allow you to quickly find the section you are looking for.

  • You will start off with 55 Nifty Tricks and Helpful Hints to jump-start your learning.

  • You will get tons of Modern Sewing Tricks, Historical Sewing Tips, and Hints - all clearly marked throughout each chapter.

  • You will learn helpful techniques for all eras, from Medieval to the 1920s, and you will learn what was and was not appropriate during those time periods, from undergarments to outer-garments, from trim to accessories.

  • You will learn the skills needed to propel yourself to that Master Dressmaker Level. With this eBook and your willingness to learn and apply what you've learned, you will exponentially grow in your sewing, both modern and historical.

We want you to feel more accomplished with your next historical costume by learning modern sewing techniques starting today!

In this 2nd Edition, you have access to...

Lots more valuable information including a completely new section on        Accessories

3 NEW Accessory Patterns with Instructions

Updated & Revised Chapters

An Updated Bonus and a Brand New Bonus (see below for more info on your         FREE Bonuses)

Tons of New Color Pictures

But is one excerpt from the eBook really enough to wet your appetite?

No? Then here's another one taken from Chapter 14: Plackets:

For more on Plackets and other Historical Sewing Skills, pick up your copy of the Modern Sewing Techniques for Historical Clothing Construction eBook.

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And Here is a Complete List of What's Included (taken straight from the Table of Contents):

General Sewing Methods

  • Hand Stitches, including Basting: Running Stitch, Basting Stitch, Backstitch, Overhand/Whipstitch, Stab/Prick Stitch, Slipstitch, Hemstitch, and Tacking Stitch

  • Fabric Selections

  • Pre-Treating Fabrics

  • Patterns: Flat Pattern Drafting, including Ease for Historical Styles, Darts, and Truing Seams, and Draping

  • Fabric Layouts

  • Order of Construction

  • Grainlines

  • Sewing Seam Directions / Curved Bodice Back Seams

  • Flat Lining: Bodices, Skirts, and Sleeves

  • Grading Seams

  • Pressing

Historical Sewing Skills

  • Boning

  • Working with Hoop Wire

  • Plackets: Bodices, Skirts, and Sleeves

  • Historical Pleats: Tips for Pleats and Cartridge, Knife, Box, and Inverted Pleats

  • Gathers, Ruches, and Puffs

  • Flip Up and Sew Method

  • Yokes

  • Elastic in Evening Bodices

  • Adjustable Bodice Tips

Finishing Techniques

  • Hook & Eye Tape

  • Hooks and Thread Loops

  • Buttonholes and Buttons

  • Hand Eyelets and Metal Grommets

  • Bias Tape

  • Piping

  • Finishing Points and V's With Bias

  • Petersham / Grosgrain Waist Tapes
  • Bodice and Skirt Connecting Hooks

  • Hems and Hem Facings

  • Street Sweepers


  • Self-Created: Self-Fabric, Crochet, and Ribbon Pleating

  • Purchased: Lace, Braid, Cording

  • Greenery & Flowers: Ribbon and Pre-Made

Accessories - The Final Touch

  • Buckram Hat Forms

  • Straw Hats and Bonnets

  • Other Headwear

  • Reticules & Bags

  • Muffs

  • Removable Collars

Maintenance in the Sewing Room

  • Organization

  • Work Areas

  • Task Lighting

  • Dusting / Vacuuming

  • 3 Clothes Iron Tips

Plus a 8 Page Bibliography with 65+ Great Resources!

That's over 45 Chapters, 340+ pages, and 270+ Color Pictures to drool over, learn from, and use in your historical costuming!

But we don't want you to ONLY get all that information, we also want to give you some more for nothing!

When you buy this 2nd Edition eBook, you will get everything promised above PLUS 2 great bonuses.

Your 2 Free Bonuses!!!!

The Historical Sewing Lexicon: Your Glossary of Sewing Terms
Filled with 16 Pages of terms and pictures! This is perfect for you, especially if you are new to making historical costumes.

The Little Black Book of Sewing Resources
Taken right from Jennifer's long list of resources that she personally uses during her sewing projects. And these are exclusive to you - you won't find them anywhere else, not even on the Cloak & Corset Resources Page!

So you will receive a complete package with the eBook and all the bonuses.

You need to be well-equipped with the tools and skills to be successful at this craft and we are here to help you.

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But are two Samples still not enough for the information hungry costumer that you are? Then try one more taken from Chapter 26: Piping:

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy of Modern Sewing Techniques for Historical Clothing Construction today! You will soon be on your way to creating those amazing historical costumes the right way.

Plus, remember, you can buy this eBook now and have a full 60 days to try it out risk-free.

Our Guarantee:
Your complete satisfaction is VERY important to us.
If you at all do not feel that you received what you paid for, please let us know within 60 days and we will refund ALL of your money, no questions asked.

We want to make sure that you are only receiving information that is useful to you and that's why we offer this 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

So, now there is absolutely no risk to you! You can confidently buy this product, test it out for a full 60 days, and if you aren't completely (and we mean completely) satisfied with the information in it, just shoot us an email and we will give you back every penny you gave us.

You will get all of the above PLUS the 2 Great Bonuses for only $79.00 USD.

Pick up your copy right now to jump start and expand your historical costuming learning, techniques, and skills!

$79.00 USD

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Happy Sewing!

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