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Each of the petticoats above used a different sewing method, the Facing Method and the Tuck Method. Discover which method is best for you and your historical costume by checking out the Corded Petticoat Workbook today.

- Diane Y.
- Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
"I just wanted to tell how VERY impressed I am with your tutorial on corded petticoats. My goodness, it contains everything one needs to make such a garment . . . and then some!

I made a quick-and-dirty one last summer to wear under the 1830s gown I wore at the Costume College Gala, and although it did the job of holding out the skirt sufficiently, I was not terribly pleased with it and certainly do not care to subject it to the scrutiny of those whose sewing expertise I respect. If only I had known then what I know now, thanks to your excellent tutelage! I shall certainly start over, well armed this time with all the know-how to make a very fine garment, indeed."

As someone who has done my share of technical writing I appreciate the well-written instructions created by Cloak and Corset. I've been sewing for more than 40 years and I love it when I don't have to figure out a missing step (this, I have found, is common in instructions provided by small business enterprises).

I started making a corded petticoat within days of receiving the download. And, while my time to sew is limited to weekends right now the project is going well. I really like the facing method even though I did make one small change in the construction. The look is cleaner than the 'tuck' method. The down side to the facing method is it takes longer to achieve the end results but from what I can see of my project so far I know I will be pleased with the finished product.

I'm sure I will try the tuck method at some point in the future.
- Joy Flasher
- La Mirada, CA

- Sara Cornthwaite

- Owner,
Cloak & Corset
In this Workbook, you will learn step-by-step how to make your very own Corded Petticoat in two completely different ways: the Facing Method and the Tuck Method (each with Pictures).

These detailed instructions will take you from beginning to end - how to measure, cut, construct, starch, and store your new and/or existing Corded Petticoat.

This Workbook is so thorough, in fact, that even I am excited to start making my first Corded Petticoat. I, as you know, am not an experienced dressmaker like Jennifer, but in reading this Workbook, I know that I too can easily make this undergarment with some time and effort on my part.

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19th Century Corded Petticoats Workbook
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19th Century Corded Petticoats Workbook

$12.95 USD

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19th Century Corded Petticoats Workbook

$12.95 USD

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